This page is an addition to the Dutch Balloon Packages.
The videos will help you to make the balloon figures and to understand the information that you will find in the Dutch flyers. Balloon twisting is fun! When you understand the basics, you can create anything you want.
It’s easier then you might think, Enjoy!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us atinfo@ballonschool.nl or via social media.

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Sandra & Marjolein

Ballondieren Pakket – How to Create Balloon Animals – the Basics

In this video you will see the basic balloon twisting techniques.
It’s good to watch this video first. You will see some very useful tips and tricks, so you won’t be making the famous beginner mistakes.
Learn how to use the 3×3 technique, which is the base for a lot of balloon animals.
Play with adjusting the sizes of bubbles, thats how you create different animals.


Ballonbloemen Pakket  – Create Beautiful Balloon Flowers

How to make Balloon Flowers.
The flyer in the Ballon Bloemen package is in Dutch, but with this English video we are sure you will manage to do this!
It will be handy to watch the video first, without any balloons at hand.
Have you seen the video? Get your balloons ready and watch it again while you are trying this out.

It’s also a good idea to watch the Balloon Animals Basics video before you watch this video. Even if you don’t have the Ballondieren package. There are some great tips and do’s and don’t in that video, that will definitely help you while making the balloon flowers.




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