Welcome to Ballonschool International! 

BalloonArt Webinars in English with a Dutch twist.

The webinars are 6 times a year on Mondays. Each webinar has a different theme with new
ideas, tips and techniques. 
The duration is about 1  hour and it will be recorded.
You’ll find the replay in your Ballonschool account the next day.

We work with zoom. You can join us live and ask questions in the chat which we will answer after the class when the recording has stopped.
During the class you will not be visible in the meeting, so you will not be in the recording.
But stay tuned: there will be a half hour extra after the class for questions, tips, idea sharing: a balloon after party!

Webinar 21 Lazy Lamas

Monday May 9th
7 PM – 19:00  (Amsterdam Time Zone)
New York – Toronto 1 PM
Los Angeles 11 AM
London 6 PM

You will receive an email with all the info you need. The zoom link, the balloons we will use, how to use your Ballonschool account and where to watch the replay.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Sandra & Marjolein


The replay will be available on May 10th
Check the balloons we will use on this page in your personal account!



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You have Successfully Subscribed!

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